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Copper Polysaccharide Complex

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Copper Polysaccharide Complex

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Copper Polysaccharide Complex
12.7% Elemental Copper (Cu)

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Copper, Minimum


Copper Polysaccharide Complex

Feeding Directions

Use to supplement copper in complete equine diets. Do not feed undiluted. Consult with your equine nutritionist or Veterinarian prior to use. Always read product MSDS (material safety data sheet) thoroughly prior to use.

Scoop: One (1) level 5cc scoop (teaspoon) will hold approximately 3.9 grams (3,900 mg) of Copper Polysaccharide Complex 12.7%, providing approximately 0.50 grams (500 mg) of Copper (Cu).

Scale: Divide grams of elemental Copper (Cu) needed by 0.127 to determine grams of Copper Polysaccharide Complex 12.7% required.

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This product is designated as a basic ingredient. We guarantee the potency and analysis of the product. However, we cannot guarantee palatability or acceptance.  There are no returns, refunds, or exchanges available for this particular product. Please be aware of this when ordering our basic ingredients.  We strongly suggest that you utilize a gram scale for accurate weighing of this ingredient.  Please use caution when handling.  Always keep this product out of reach of children.