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Amino Acid Concentrate: Lysine, Methionine and Threonine

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HorseTech's Nutramino can be used to boost the amino acid content of your equine diets by providing supplemental lysine, methionine and threonine. 
Just twenty (20) grams of Nutramino will provide 10 grams of supplemental lysine along with 5 grams of methionine and 2 grams of threonine. 

Lysine: Considered to be an essential amino acid (must be present in the diet) and is the first limiting amino acid. Supports hoof and coat health along with providing support for the immune system. 

Methionine: One of the essential sources of sulfur in the body and is important in the generation of energy and protein metabolization. Supports healthy skin, hooves, tendons, ligaments and cartilage. 

Threonine: Sometimes referred to as the second limiting amino acid (after lysine). Supports digestive and immune function and muscle systems. Give Nutramino a try--the shipping is always free and we fully guarantee your happiness with the product!

Directions for Use

Use to supplement amino acids (Lysine, Methionine & Threonine) in complete equine diets. Provide one (1) scant scoop per day (20 grams).

One (1) scant 29.6cc scoop (filled to just below lip of scoop) will provide approximately 20 grams of Nutramino which will supply approximately ten (10) grams of Lysine, five (5) grams of Methionine and two (2) grams of Threonine.


L-Lysine Monohydrochloride, DL-Methionine, L-Threonine

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fast affordable results
Very impressed with the effect on both of my mares' top lines. One has a dropped back from carry big foals. I wanted a good amino acids while I conditioning her, strengthen her core.. My other loses muscles from PSSM a muscle wasting disease after episodes
After only 10 days I can see difference especially in the PSSM gal. Product is doing the job I need it to.
Review by Sally / (Posted on 1/13/2019)
Great Product
As the owner of an easy keeping horse with metabolic issues (Insulin Resistance), this was a helpful addition to his nutrition. Because he gains weight so easy, he often gets a higher fiber hay, which seems to have less protein (no alfalfa for this easy keeping gelding!). Adding the Nutramino to his diet resulted in a BIG improvement in his topline and hindquarter muscling - he now makes muscle from his calories despite the lack of protein in his forage diet. And with more muscle, comes more endurance and ability to work harder and for longer duration under saddle or on the longe line, which allows me to better manage his insulin resistance, which allows more safe leeway with his food and calories, and so on... which becomes a very helpful and positive upward spiral in getting control of his metabolic issues.
Review by SA / (Posted on 6/7/2018)